Friday, April 10, 2009

So this is me & Jordan (from the show). We were the 'Trophy Bitches' for Bravo's A-List Award Show. Yeah its was really cool being there but we weren't allowed to talk :( I was hoping that I would get to at least present an award but no....all we were doing was handing the trophies to the award presenters.
It was actually pretty cool being at the show. I got to walk the red carpet (1st one I've walked), not quite the Oscars but hey, it'll do!
I got to hang out backstage with Paris Hilton, Kathy Griffith, Tori Spelling, Jenny Mc Carthy etc.
Think the show airs on Bravo on Wednesday 15th of this month. Check it out.


  1. Congrats! Love blogs!


  2. That is really pretty cool!
    wish you update your blog often~
    we will keep support you!

  3. Curiosity is getting the best of me. Is there any story behind the similarity of your name and that of John Holmes' 1970s movie character? Or just a coincidence?

    Either way, I love your work. Thanks

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    I heard that you made it in the final four!
    Hope you won!

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